Tučepi - exactly here is the Slovak sea

Tučepi is a popular summer holiday resort for many Slovaks. It is located in Central Dalmatia near the city of Split. The name Makarska rivijeraprobably sounds more familiar. Tučepi is one of the resorts on this riviera.

Tučepi - prístav v letovisku
Small port in the resort

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Fate and work swept me to this resort during the coronavirus. It's smaller resort. Our journey began with the order of our boss and the need to resolve certain matters with our business partners. So I could no longer avoid the situation of visiting it. We planned the trip through Hungary, as the Slovenians had certain restrictions associated with crossing their border. The virus brought different changes and unfortunately also complications at the borders. Thanks God it wasn't like that at the border crossing Letenye - Goričan. Although we stood for a while, the transition was completely smooth.

Tučepi - Jadran
Adriatic sea

Because along the way we broke about all the regulations that it was possible and even possible to violate which are still being invented, we were in Tučepi quite fast. On the way, we stopped for an abundant dinner, for my taste too abundant in one restaurant by the highway.

The rest areas were full of local tourists flocking to the sea. Not a trace of strangers. Nobody even cares about virus and no face masks, disinfectants, and everything what is obligatory in our country, it doesn't bother anyone there. That's a good news for our tourists, unless of course they are not frightened that they would not even think about the holiday. They may regret it.

Tučepi - promenáda
Tučepi - local promenade

We stayed in an apartment house about 50 m from the sea. The accommodation was very pleasant, even better than some of us have at home. The next morning was our task to meet business partners and take over the possibilities of current solutions of the situation. It was a very demanding day, as everyone needs to spend some time with for a while and to talk. In the end, our visit was not so effective. We have not resolved half the stuff or we have reached a negative conclusion. Probably the most intense experience was an X-course dinner where we literally ate ourselves until the bursting, as a guy who invited us would be offended if we left something on the plate. Special character!

Resort Tučepi is a small village with a pleasant promenade. It is ideal for thosewho are at sea ​​for the first time and have no need for further travel.Their only desire is to laze. Walking along the promenade you can meet tourists who are not the category that can choose a vacation without fear. They are sooner types that need to be guided. That, however, it is not an obstacle at all. You will find lots of willing people who like to talk.

The life and holiday events are focused on the local promenade. It is located directly by the sea and port with boats. Life flourishes on the promenade from early morning, cafes are waking up, you will meet here the first tourists with air mattress heading to the sea, sellers of corn pull out their carts to embark on their daily journey. Waiters preparing tables for another onslaught of tourists and the kitchens begin to smell, however scent.

If you would like to go on a trip, you won't be able to do much in Tučepi. You will have to visit nearby Makarska. There you will already find a wide range of different trips to surrounding islands and other interesting site. An unforgettable experience is also Makarski Jadran - a boat with an idyllic holiday atmosphere sailing around with everything you need - excellent cuisine, rakija and Dalmatian music.

Tučepi are not big, but they will give you a lot of peace and time to relax. They have long beaches, so there is plenty of space for everyone. The Adriatic is beautifully clean, if not at all the cleanest. If you would like to indulge in a bit of hiking, be sure not to forget the mountains Biokovo, which you can look directly at from the beach. Its shields tower majestically above Adriatic. Tučepi is popular with Slovaks but it belongs to the many pearls of the Adriatic coast. Probably it is a smaller one, which is no reason not to give this little fishing village possibility for the best vacation. After all, many of you visit this place every year.

Pláž vTučepi
Local beach