Sumartin – a small inconspicuous village

Sumartin Impression

Sumartin Sumartin can be reached from the town of Makarska by ferry several times a day. It is rather a village on the easternmost tip of Brač. It is not the top destination of this island, it is rather a naselje (settlement) visited by people who have fallen in love with it. In the town there are several beaches, a lot of cottages, a church with a monastery and original dwellings. There is no city center like in other locations. Not even the army crowds the restaurant and suvenirnica (souvenir shop).

Since on vacation you need to see as much as possible and use every moment to get to know the surroundings, Sumartin from Makarska offered himself. In addition, we do not prefer organized trips in which you are limited by a set program. The journey to Sumartin took about an hour.


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The small ferry that runs between Sumartin Makarska, transported us safely to our final destination. Despite the relatively early hour of the morning (9:00 a.m. is early in the holiday spirit), the ferry quickly filled up, and after a few minutes of waiting and enjoying the view of Makarska, we set sail with our international fellow travelers. After about an hour, we anchored by the shore of Sumartin.

A small Mediterranean village appeared in front of us.It looked quite deserted considering that there are fewer services for tourists. It was noticeable that it was working hours and most of the residents were obviously working on land, so it was relatively quiet here. Temperatures were approaching 40, so we headed to the nearest beach first.

St. Martin church

From trajektna luka (ferry port), we headed along Porat Street, which leads along the sea through a tiny port under Crkva sv. Martina (church of St. Martin) and the monastery. There were about 2 people besides us on this small beach. So we stayed on this beach for a while, since we couldn't find another suitable shelter from the heat.

A little later, curiosity got the better of us and we set out to explore this little mysterious place. Above the whole village rises the already mentioned church of St. Martin, which is closed to the public. There is also a monastery in its close vicinity. We made our way down the lane past the church which led us to the soccer field, under which was a beautiful little beach. A path through the forest led to the beach, which then continued to the local cemetery.

On the way to the beaches near the cemetery in the background of the Biokovo mountains

So our next stop was a tiny beach near the cliffs on the other side of the village. On this beach we joined a small group of Polish tourists. From this side it was beautiful to see the entire Biokovo mountain range. We enjoyed the pleasant sea water and went on a journey to explore further. In our wanderings, we wandered to another beach - a more popular one, located on the other side of the cemetery. There was also a small bar and jumping attractions. The number of people on the beach was already larger. However, there are also larger rocks and small cliffs. After a short refreshment, we returned to the starting point to the church along the path by the sea.

After this little walk, we decided it was time to have a snack and replenish our energy in the restaurant. We found a free place in a small fast food restaurant, where they didn't have exactly what we wanted, i.e. lignje (squid). It wasn't exactly a gourmet experience, but we quenched our hunger. There was still some time left before the departure of the ferry with which we wanted to return, so looking at the map, we decided to see a local cave..

Road to a small beach

So we ran again through Porat, past the church and set off to Put Lučice. Put Lučice was a path that took us out of the village to olive groves with a beautiful view of the surroundings. This view is probably etched in my memory forever – a stony road in the middle of lots of land that was strewn with olives and in the background the sea and the Biokovo mountains in the distance. An even smaller, more picturesque and romantic path led to Lučica.

Lučica was a small cave in which the local population hid during the war. Unfortunately, the cave was closed. From there, you could go down to the nearby uvala (bay), where we also refreshed ourselves. This bay was deserted. A little disappointed with the closed cave, but pleased with the beautiful atmosphere, we returned to the harbor. We spent the last moments in this location on the beach before the last ferry docked at the shore of Sumartin.

Access to the sea from the other side of the village is a little more difficult

With a slow step and a little sadness in our hearts, we boarded it. We returned to Makarska already in the dark with the good feeling that we had seen a piece of something new again. We looked into places where there is not so much tourist traffic and discovered beautiful natural treasures. The image that I will always have before my eyes in connection with Sumartin are olive groves, cicadas, pine trees, stone paths and vrućina (heat).

Above all, there was divine peace. You could lounge on the beach there for hours and no one would disturb you. If you find a bay here, like the one near Luštica, you will have it all to yourself. You will discover the charm of the Mediterranean mainly here, where it is not yet overshadowed by crowds of tourists, it's such a wonderful place.

We were sadly returning to our Pelješćanka