How did we travel in the summer during the coronavirus?

Unfortunately, this year the coronavirus has hit our lives. We each have our own opinion. But it is sad that it influenced each of us and probably not positively. The concept of the holiday became "science fiction". The situation for many of us didn't even allow it to think about it, as we had to deal with more important things.

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Those who have a summer vacation under normal circumstances, they would not miss, and now they did not go for it, because maybe they were a little scared, they may regret a little. Traveling to the sea, of course, not to all destinations, was possible throughout the summer and even without problems. Those who "risked" will certainly tell you about it. Consider for example popular Croatia. The media has informed us from the beginning about the increase in the number infected not only at home but also abroad. They advised us to avoid traveling and to stay home.

The fact that in the county of Split to which also Makarska belongs Austrian tourists were infected Makarska riviera also contributed to the overall situation. Austria promptly declared Croatia red zone country. Everyone was scared as much as they could. But what was the real situation in Croatia? Life here worked normally as well before. Tourists were on vacation, the locals had not heard about the virus. "Nema ništa" were the answers to our curious questions about infected people.

Naturally, some shops were closed or operated in restricted mode. Some locals regretted after the end of summer they did not open. All the returnees came home completely healthy without any virus or other problems. I guess you say they were lucky. It's a matter of opinion. The number of infected is increasing, as well cured .... how do they treat them? They did not recommend going to extremely risky Italy and suddenly it's safe ... how's that? The government, of course, proclaimed "stay home."

So we all started to look after the holidays in Slovakia, because "it is necessary to support local tourism ". Hoteliers immediately took advantage of it and raised prices. The Tatras and our aquapark they began to overcrowd, but we didn't get infected there, but we did by the sea. It has destructive effect for Slovak travel agencies, which unfortunately sell holidays abroad and many ended completely. These do not belong in our tourism? Probably not.

In this whole situation, those who did not buy tickets for special sale prices can regret it. The prices were as favorable as they probably never will be. Resorts were occupied by about 30%. You would not be infected on a half-empty beach because it was not from whom. According to our reports, we could not get infected even in the Tatras, because they are simply the Tatras, although there are 20 people per 10m2. In Croatia all summer long you could get quality services of top hotels at quarter prices.

So if you have the opportunity to travel and do not let yourself be limited. Even in this period you try to find yours and go for it. The only thing that prevents travel is pointless regulations of our governments and trying to keep nations in fear. Everyone cares about their health during life, man doesn't have to be afraid. That doesn't mean we shouldn't have respect. Viruses have been and will be here. The goal will probably be something completely different that is not in ours hands. Help, if the situation allows, our tourism and travel agencies perhaps a little.