Just a step from the town....cable car to nature

Just a jump from the city there can be anything, for example, a cable car. We are most grateful, when the nature is only a short distance from the city, where we can relax. So let's look at what it looks like with the mountains near the larger cities in the Balkans. So that the journey into nature does not take long, we will try to look at the cities that have their cable cars directly to the mountains.

Lanovka dajti ekspres

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Sarajevska žičara - Sarajevo cable car

Lanovka v Sarajeve
Sarajevo´s cable car is just few steps from famous Baščaršija

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is surrounded by mountains. Although its character does not yet resemble a big city, the mountains, which can be seen from every corner of the city, attract with their visit. The town has been operating a cable car to the Trebević mountains since 1959. This cable car also served in 1984 during the Olympic Games, when it transported athletes to the bobsled track.

The cable car was recently renovated and today you can take a trip to Trebević in modern cabins and enjoy the view of the whole city. All nature lovers, whether tourists, cyclists or families, can enjoy this place and have a picnic.

Dajti ekspres - Tirana cable car

Výhliadka z Dajti ekspres
The Tirana cable car offers many activities in addition to beautiful views

The lesser-known capital of the Republic of Albania, Tirana, lies at the foot of the Dajti Mountains. It is also possible to take a modern cable car to Dajti. The platform is about a 30 minute drive from the center. From the center you can take the Porcelan bus, which stops at Skanderbeg Square.

Dajti ekspres can in a few minutes take you to the bosom of nature. Exactly here many of Tirana's inhabitants find an escape from the bustle of Tirana. There is a beautiful restaurant, a hotel, a viewpoint and a revolving bar. Those of you who are looking for active recreation can enjoy mini golf, cycling, hiking. Children can enjoy the rope center.

Pohorje gondola - Maribor cable car

Lanovka v Maribore
Gondola in Maribor only a few kilometers from the busy city

Neither Slovenia nor its people like it very much when they are considered to be Balkans country. Maribor is the second largest Slovenian city located northeast of Ljubljana.

For all fans of winter sports, this city is sure to be known. Pohorje is the largest ski resort in the country and is also a frequent venue for international competitions in winter sports. The surrounding landscape is mountainous and to the nearby Pohorje you can take cable car or as the locals call it a gondola. As in Tirana, you have to travel a few kilometers to the cable car station from the city center. At the top of Pohorje, lovers of summer and winter sports will enjoy it.

Žičara Sljeme - Zagreb cable car

Sljeme cable car complex under construction

The Croatian capital also lies at the foot of the mountains and has only a leap into nature. Medvednica switches off above Zagreb. In addition to hiking and biking trails, Medvednica also offers skiing opportunities.

There is a ski resort and Sljeme is the venue for many international competitions. The cable car in Sljeme was opened in 1963 and is currently being reconstructed. The platform is located about 5 km from the center. We hope it will open soon.

You can naturally find other cable cars in many ski resorts. Cable cars are also becoming very popular in the Balkans, and many cities have already benefited from transport by this means. So if you visit some of these places, enjoy it to the fullest and when you need to turn off thanks to the cable cars, you will find yourself in a beautiful and quiet environment in a short time.

It doesn't matter if it is in winter or in summer. The mountains near these places will always offer you rest. That's why they are so popular. I hope that more similar ones will be added to them in the future.

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