If you haven't been to Montenegro yet, fix your mistake quickly!

I regularly travel to the countries of the Western Balkans several times a year. These places are my passion. They hide in themselves as beautiful, instructive, and interestingaspects as I guess no other corner of the world. In addition, they are not that far away, which is a big advantage.

I first visited Montenegro a few years ago and after each of my visits I recommend it more and more.

Čierna Hora - Boka kotorska
Boka kotorska

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I even liked it more than Croatia. It has more advantages, although it is not so well known and yet it is somewhat different. As soon as you enter the country, you will be greeted by banners with the words "Welcome to positive Montenegro". The country is proud of its positivism and is really very friendly and optimistic. The atmosphere is also very friendly. Its inhabitants are very cordial.

Montenegro is a mountainous country, which will surely be appreciated by lovers of tourism, climbing, rafting and other outdoor activities. It abounds in unreal natural resources. You can even look at the mountains directly from the waters of the Adriatic Sea. The main destination for which tourists visit this country is the just mentioned Adriatic Sea.Its entire western border is formed by the sea.

Čierna Hora je hornatá krajina

If you are consideringspending your summer vacation in Montenegro,read on so that you do not miss something by the coast and make the right choice.

Boka Kotorska - sun, sea and relax in one place

Boka kotorska

The Bay of Kotor is one of the biggest attractions of this country. It is also the largest bay at the foot of the Lovćen Mountains and is located near the northern border with Croatia. It is sometimes considered a fjord. It consists of 4 smaller bays named after cities Herceg Novi, Risan, Kotor and Tivat.I would also add the town of Perast Perast.

these cities. Naturally, in every homestead that is located here, it is possible to spend a nice holiday. So if you are eager for relaxation, hot sun and calm sea, you can choose any of these places. Each of them has a unique atmosphere. Kotor is the largest and liveliest. Of course, you will definitely not be bored with the others. You can easily get anywhere from any city. If you want to move within the bay, it is probably best to use a boat..

Čierna Hora - Perast

Kotor is one of the best-preserved medieval towns. There is also a port and a good starting point for walks in the mountains. The whole city is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.The city has preserved medieval walls, which are connected with the fortress of St. Ivan.Here you will find a pile of sacral monuments, the most famous of which is the Cathedral of St. Tripun,which is the patron of the city. Don't miss the number of palaces, gates and residential houses that reflect medieval culture.

Risan is the oldest seat in the Bay of Kotor. It is important mainly for its history, ancient walls, rustic villa and iconographic school,which continues the medieval tradition. Tivat is a peaceful town famous for its luxurious Porto Montenegrodistrict. In addition, you will also find a renaissance palace, an interesting city park and many sacred monuments. There is also an airport in this city, which is very convenient if you are traveling by plane.

Čierna Hora - Tivat

If you want to enjoy the view of blooming mimosas, visit the mimosa town "Herceg Novi".Also, don't forget to explore the city center with its city walls, churches and temples. About 2 km from the city there is the charming Savina Monastery.Perast is located opposite the narrowest point in the entire bay Verige, which is only 350 meters wide. Perast is the youngest of the named places with interesting sights. Directly opposite the town is the artificially created island of Gospa od Škrpjela with a church and the island of Sv. George.Be sure not to miss them on your way through the bay.

Čierna Hora - Gospa od Škrpjela
Gospa od Škrpjela

Budva - a city that lacks nothing

To the south of Boka lies the "Dubrovnik of Montenegro", the town of Budva and the famous Budva Riviera. Budva is the center of events, ideal for a great holiday, it has miles of beautiful beaches and great service. Everyone will find something for themselves here. It has a beautiful historic center,a rich cultural program, many possibilities for trips. Opposite Budva lies the island of Sv. Nikola which is known for his beach called Hawai. I recommend to visit it. It is unforgettable. As for the beaches, there are countless possibilities. I would like to draw attention to the island of St. Stefan, which you can see from the boat. Other popular resorts are Petrovac and Sutomore.

Čierna Hora - Budva

Bar - a region of olive groves

The character of the country changes slightly near the town of Bar, which lies partly on the plain by the sea. Forests right on the beach are no longer a matter of course. It is the largest port in Montenegro,from which you can cross to Italy and other countries. At the port there is a modern city with hotels. The city is very popular with tourists for a large number of high-quality beaches. Čanj beach or Pearl coast is one of the most beautiful coasts with sandy beaches in the country. A typical symbol of the city and its surroundings are olive groves.Above the modern city is a renovated old town - Stari Bar with many historical monuments. In the old town you can notice mosques that are a remnant of the past.

Ulcinj – the gateway to Albanian culture

The center of the southernmost region of Montenegro is the town of Ulcinj. This city is specific in that it is inhabited by the Albanian minority and its influence is noticeable here. It is a nice example of how 2 different nations with different religions can coexist. The city is bilingual. The city is dominated by the old town at the foot of the rock, you will see mosques, churches and even Orthodox temples here. But Ulcinj is known mainly for its large beach with healing sand,which is located outside the city and stretches to the border with Albania. On the border itself you will find the island of Ada Bojana,which is washed on 2 sides by the river Bojana and from the third by the sea.

Čierna Hora - Ulcinj

The Montenegrin coast offers its visitors a wide range of optionswhere and how to spend their holidays. Each place has something unique in it and it depends only on you what exactly you prefer. I hope you do not hesitate and you will definitely visit this beautiful picturesque country soon.

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