CROATIAN LANGUAGE – is an European language spoken in Croatia and the republics of the former Yugoslavia. Since it is a Slavic language, it is assumed that the student will master it faster than other non-Slavic languages. The advantage of knowing Croatian is that the student can also speak Serbian, Montenegrin and Bosnian almost equally well. Knowledge of Croatian also helps to communicate and better understand the Slovenian language.


Croatian language lessons take place online via Zoom or Facebook. The student can choose the length of the lesson (45, 60, 90, 120 minutes), the frequency of teaching and the date according to his wishes. Only 1 next lesson is negotiated with the teacher. Hours can be moved and canceled at will without charge. However, it is necessary to inform me in advance.

The lessons are aimed at comprehensive mastery of grammar and the ability to communicate in common situations with native speakers. I primarily teach Croatian, but if interested, it is possible to do several lessons focused on the differences between the languages ​​of the former Yugoslavia or an introduction to reading Cyrillic.

I focus on levels A0-B2. According to the requirements of the student it is possible to teach B1-B2 level lessons in Croatian.

Classes can also be held in English and Italian (price negotiable).

PRICE: 15 eur/ 500 Kč/ 60 minutes (proportionate amount for other lesson lengths)

TEXTBOOK: It can be purchased HERE

(If the textbook is not currently on sale, download the textbook HERE)


I RECOMMEND: Pre ďalšie vzdelávanie prosím navštívte sekciu Informative Presentationssection, where you will find many interesting lectures about Croatia.


I have been studying Croatian since 2003, when I started learning it as a self-taught person. Subsequently, I continued for several years under the guidance of several native speakers, thanks to which I obtained the C1 level. In the future, I plan to supplement my education with a certificate - level C1. Within the South Slavic area, the closest Bosnian variant of the Croatian language is to me. I also visit these parts regularly and feel at home here. Knowledge of another Slavic language is (even, of course, except on vacation) a huge advantage when learning about the common history of the Slavs.