Roma – Urbs aeterna

Tutte le vie portano a Roma.

Roma – mesto s viac ako 3000 ročným osídlením, kolíska európskej civilizácie na
Apeninskom polostrove so svojím čestným miestom v dejinách Európy.
Voľakedy urbs aeterna, teraz citta eterna. Italy bolo prvou krajinou, ktorú som
snívala navštíviť. Bola som v nej niekoľkokrát, videla mestá, miesta, pláže. Rím čakal na
zozname na svoju chvíľu.

Zaujíma ťa taliansky jazyk a talianska kultúra? Klikni SEM

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Palermo - city with bad reputation

Palermo Impression

Palermo - výhľad z katedrály

Palermo - view form the cathedral

Tell me one city in the world that automatically comes to mind when you hear the word "mafia"! How many of you will mention this? It is true that Cosa Nostra also contributed to the modernization of the local airport and that it is named after two anti-mafia fighters, Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone. It's the center the largest Italian island, has one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean and is one of the top urban destinations, thanks to which it certainly has no shortage of tourists. It occurred to you Palermo? We are talking about it.

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The most beautiful marina in Italy

Cefalù Impression

Marina s bralom La Rocca v pozadí

Marina with La Rocca rock

About 75 km from Palermo on the Tyrrhenian coast lies under the 270 metres high rock La Rocca the picturesque Sicilian town called Cifalù with its rich history, good cuisine and a beautiful city beach.. This is Cefalù. Cefalù.

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Such an ordinary Sicilian town with market

Termini Imerese Impression

Termini Imerese- is a small town in Sicily about 30 km from Palermo. History has been associated with ancient Himera, where the battle took place in 409 BC, in which the Greek colonists fought against the Carthaginians. The Carthaginians won the battle and leveled the city.

Termini Imerese - Periféria mesta

Termini Imerese - periphery of the town

The population moved about 12 km from the original Himera and founded the settlement Thermae Himerae, which became the basis for the emergence of today's town Termini Imerese.

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Campofelice di Roccella a Sicilian dissapointment

Campofelice di Roccella is located in Sicily. Sicily in the past called Trinacria is the largest peninsula in the Mediterranean sea belonging to Italy with a population of about 5 million. It is known mainly for volcanic activity, citruses and mafia. In addition, it has a rich history, good food, beautiful traditions, interesting language and much more.

Seeing Sicily was my dream long ago. After browsing through several catalogs, I realized that I can expect top-class services in Sicily and that this is not an underdeveloped part of Italy, where, as tourists, we will have to accept what is offered to us with no choice. Many Italians have stressed that "North Africa begins under Rome." Finally, I was quite satisfied with the choice of the village of Campofelice di RoccellaCampofelice di Roccella, but I did not forget this statement in my mind.

Campofelice di Roccella - rezort Fiesta

Campofelice di Roccella - Fiesta

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