What is Bosnia and Herzegovina

A piece of land tucked between the Balkan countries, still shrouded in mystery .. this is how Bosnia and Herzegovina can be characterized.There is less known about Bosnia. If so, mostly in connection with the negative events that made her famous. But what is it really like?

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Overlooked, neglected, full of prejudices

People tend to create prejudices based on stories spread around the world. Unfortunately, many of us are discouraged by these reports, and we do not even know what we miss. You might think, because it is just another poor Balkan country. What could be interesting there? Every country, regardless of its economic situation , can enrich a person and find something nice and interesting in it.

Waterfalls Kravica

A touch of the Orient directly in Europe

As we have said, Bosnia is one of the Balkan countries. What sets it apart from others is its overall character. The special touch is added by the presence of several ethnicities and different religions. Almost half of its population professes Islam. For centuries, nations have been mixed in this territory, each of which has left its mark here. It is therefore not surprising that you are walking around the center of Sarajevo and the mosques will be replaced by churches. It is a remarkable phenomenon confirming the smooth coexistence and tolerance of different ethnic groups.

Peaceful and humble

Despite the story that this country has experienced, its impression is very pleasant. The cities radiate a humility that marked this nation. Stress is an achievement of modern Europe, and those who live here know the value of peace and tranquility.That's why they try to protect them.

You will experience here what you have nowhere else

Everything is possible in Bosnia. It is its otherness that gives you the opportunity to experience what you will probably never try anywhere else. No need to worry about things we don't have at home. These are the best you can bring from it. Local finds a special regular singing of a muezin and a women in hijabs. However, when you think about the well-known claim that a person is afraid of the unknown only because it is unknown, and you try not to believe this claim, new horizons will open up for you. Its allure tempts you and you will move here with the ease of a feather.

Great future, potential for tourism

Every country, wherever it is in the world, strives to show itself in the best possible light and to attract as many foreigners as possible in order to disprove their reputation. Bosnia and Herzegovina is, of course, the same. Wherever you go, you don't have to worry about poor service. Everyone is trying to improve and move forward. You can also choose from a wide range of services.Moreover, Bosnia is not far behind Croatia. It is rich in natural and historical monuments, interesting sites, has a sea.

People are similar to Croats

There are not many people who have never been to Croatia and the reason is probably that they prefer other destinations. But those who feel at home in Croatia will not have a problem withthe Bosnian people either. They are very similar to Croats, because Croats live here as well. It is spoken here in almost the same language as in Croatia.


It changes lives

Visiting this country will bring you many different views of the world. After leaving it, I realized a lot of things that I had taken for granted until then. We do not appreciate what is common in our country until we find out that people somewhere would really like it and unfortunately do not have it. All those who are constantly lamenting about how bad is the life at home and how great is the life of those who are from more developed countries and yet have never done anything in their lives to change it, I recommend visiting a country like Bosnia and Herzegovina to make them understand that it could be worse.

Mills on river Pliva


What is slowly disappearing from more developed countries are human values and a healthy lifestyle. We chase, we don't have time, we forget about the people we love. You will also realize this in Bosnia. For the locals, the values of health, good relationships, family are important, because everyone has experienced what it's like when they take it from you. These values will not be replaced by the most modern apartment and several accounts in foreign banks.

The town Jajce

Don't damn countries just because of their reputation, which is spreading from the media and is intended to deliberately cause fear. The truth is always different. If something draws you to this country, be sure to listen to it and enrich your life with that unforgettable experience.. You will see that you will be grateful for that.