Such an ordinary Sicilian town with market

Termini Imerese Impression

Termini Imerese- is a small town in Sicily about 30 km from Palermo. History has been associated with ancient Himera, where the battle took place in 409 BC, in which the Greek colonists fought against the Carthaginians. The Carthaginians won the battle and leveled the city.

Termini Imerese - Periféria mesta

Termini Imerese - periphery of the town

The population moved about 12 km from the original Himera and founded the settlement Thermae Himerae, which became the basis for the emergence of today's town Termini Imerese.

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Momentka zo sicílskeho trhu

Sicilian market

This city was located near the resort where we were staying and the opportunity to visit the real Italian market could not be refused. We arrived here by hotel bus, which we booked the day before. A bus full of mostly German tourists waited in front of the hotel in the morning. After about 10 minutes we walked down the highway from the Termini Imerese exit. The town was led by a multi-lane road on the roadside, decorated with plastic bags, plastic bottles and other waste. On the sides there were the remains of buildings, in the distance cranes and harbor, up the hill town. I assumed the bus would turn us towards the city. On the contrary, it headed to the sea and unloaded its entire crew at the port where the market began.

Na uliciach Termini Imerese v centre to vyzerá bohužiaľ aj takto

The centre of town of Termini Imerese

After stopping we jumped out of the bus and were thrown directly into the market. "Pregooooo, pregooooo saldi 10 % solo oggi…“ 1 The stalls pressed close together, shoppers among them, smelling of fresh fish, overripe melons, cheese and other goodies.The market consisted of 2 ranks of stalls that ran from the port to the mouth of the city. As far as the goods on offer are concerned, these were Chinese goods, which seemed quite paradoxical in the country of fashion. Food was certainly worth buying..

Obytné domy v Termini Imerese

Houses of locals in Termini Imerese

We struggled through the vendors screaming "preeeegoooooo" quite quickly, and as we increased our time, we headed for the town. The city hides its treasures at first sight. However, the Internet has confirmed my initial feeling - Museo motorismo, Ponte San Leonardo, Acquedotto romano, Anfiteatro romano, Duomo San Nicola di Bari2... ecc.

I was sorry to read this list, because the only experience we had time to look at was everyday life on the outskirts of a Sicilian town. At the end of the market, we passed under the railroad and got directly into the city. The noisy market was replaced by silence and peace.

Jeden z množstva kostolíkov a kaplniek bohužiaľ v žalostnom stave

One of the churches and chappels in bad conditions

Looking at the surrounding buildings, which were dwelling houses, I realized they were inhabited. Scooters snorted along the roads lined with garbage. Above the town towered a blue dome. It has become our goal. Along the way we had to manage several steps and found a few nice and clean streets. “Fa molto caldo oggi, you are a presto presto”3 a smiling Italian was watching us as we gasped for a few steps. We were amazed at how elder people can handle this warm.

After a few minutes, the dome appeared in front of us. It was beautiful, but the sad thing was that the church was already in disrepair and we could not enter. On the way down we saw a few smaller churches in a similar state. We also found stores with world-famous fashion brandsin the small streets. Our next goal was to find something to eat. Unfortunately, we did not find a restaurant and no grocery store for about an hour's walk. So we had to settle for cheese, vegetables and pastries from the market ... and we didn't regret it at all.

Our visit to Termini Imerese was very fast and unfortunately we did not have time to discover its attractions. It was like they cut out the parts of the city center from a series on the Sicilian mafia - empty streets, the sun high in the sky, a group of men smoking a cigarette at the front of houses and a bell ringing from the nearest church. This city has a true Sicilian atmosphere. We were not afraid of it. It was a very nice experience and as a tourist we did not search for tourist attractions for the first time, but we had a chance to get into the real life of the locals for a moment..

Travel guides have a lot to offer in this area as well. For example, there is a beautiful promenade by the sea. My impression, although we basically saw very little, was, after all, very goodThis city gave me the opportunity to become Sicilian for a while and enjoy it without having to push through the crowds of tourists, wait in endless rows to find out what Sicily is, and answer silent questions to passers-by where I am from. When we chase the nice thing everyone recommends, many times we don't even see where we really are. Those places that all claim to go there because there is nothing there are many times more telling value for understanding the nation, its culture, customs, and mentality than the most famous cathedral, whose value disappears with increasing numbers of tourists.

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2 Museum of motorism, Bridge of St. Leonard, roman aquaduct, roman amphitheater, dome of St. Nikola from Bari

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