Milyen a Bosznia és Hercegovina

A balkáni országok között eldugott, még mindig rejtélybe burkolt földdarab .. így jellemezhető Bosznia és Hercegovina. Boszniáról nem sok szó esik. Ha igen, leginkább a negatív események kapcsán, amelyek híressé tették. De milyen is valójában?

Érdekel a Balkán, meg akarsz osztani valamit, megtalálsz minket itt is.

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Just a step from the town....cable car to nature

Just a jump from the city there can be anything, for example, a cable car. We are most grateful, when the nature is only a short distance from the city, where we can relax. So let's look at what it looks like with the mountains near the larger cities in the Balkans. So that the journey into nature does not take long, we will try to look at the cities that have their cable cars directly to the mountains.

Lanovka dajti ekspres

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What is Bosnia and Herzegovina

A piece of land tucked between the Balkan countries, still shrouded in mystery .. this is how Bosnia and Herzegovina can be characterized.There is less known about Bosnia. If so, mostly in connection with the negative events that made her famous. But what is it really like?

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The Western Balkans are not just the sea and summer

Some locations in the Balkans are already chronically known to all of us. Many of us return to the same places regularly, because they are a guarantee of rest, satisfaction and a good holiday. We associate summer holidays with most locations in Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. Lovers of tourism are still looking for Slovenia. In other seasons than summer, most of us do not even go to the Balkans. What can be done in the Balkans if we do not want to go on summer vacation?

Rafting on the Tara river, Montenegro

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How did we travel in the summer during the coronavirus?

Unfortunately, this year the coronavirus has hit our lives. We each have our own opinion. But it is sad that it influenced each of us and probably not positively. The concept of the holiday became "science fiction". The situation for many of us didn't even allow it to think about it, as we had to deal with more important things.

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